Dear Construction Industry Professional,

In 2012, the Iowa Occupational Safety Health Administration (Iowa OSHA) and the Master Builders of Iowa (MBI) joined together to create a joint safety consultation and best practices program for Iowa’s commercial construction industry. The program, called WORKSAFE, is designed to assist contractors to be “safety proactive” through the implementation of planning, professional job site consultation, training and recognition. The WORKSAFE program is a first of its kind in the nation, designed to promote and recognize best practices in job site safety preplanning, training and consultation.

We encourage all owners, design professionals, contractors and service providers to learn more about the WORKSAFE program and how it can help create a safety culture on your next construction project. For more details on the program, check out the WORKSAFE Brochure. Please consider partnering with us in leading the way toward injury prevention, preservation of life and ultimately…safe job sites.


Rod Roberts
Commissioner of Labor
State of Iowa

Chad Kleppe
President / CEO
Master Builders of Iowa

It is a recommended industry standard that a contractor consider project duration and complexity in determining the number of safety surveys for a specific project.  Therefore, WORKSAFE recommends the following schedule when determining survey needs:

Project Duration Number of Safety Surveys WORKSAFE Fee
6 months 3 $1,525
9 months 4 – 5 $1,900 – $2,250
12 months 6 – 8 $2,575 – $3,250
18 months 9+ $3,420 and up

WORKSAFE projects are being specified by owners, such as the Iowa Board of Regents and the Iowa Department of Administrative Services.  Unless directed otherwise, the base WORKSAFE package fee is $1,525.  For this fee, the general contractor will receive a pre-construction safety review, three job site safety surveys (one by an MBI safety consultant and one by Iowa OSHA Consultation), project recognition (WORKSAFE banner, hard hat stickers, press release to local media outlets, project listing in MBI communications), and 24/7 access to MBI Safety Services, which include Iowa OSHA citation assistance, tool-box talks and training services.  All subcontractors on the project will also be included in communications and have access to these same safety services.

It is important to note that in some circumstances, owners are directing contractors to select the WORKSAFE safety survey package that best corresponds to the project’s construction schedule and project duration.  For WORKSAFE recommendations on the number of surveys based on project duration, please refer to the above safety survey chart.

Per the guidelines outlined in the Regents’ “Modifications to the General Conditions and the Institution Requirements” documents, effective November 1, 2019, on applicable Regents’ institution projects, CSSI will be instituting new procedures related to audits in which at least one site visit will be unannounced. This new approach was identified and agreed upon through discussions with facilities representatives from the Regents and CSSI safety professionals. 

CLICK HERE for the WORKSAFE Enrollment Forms

If you are interested in being provided sample spec language for your bidding documents, please contact Mark Wieland at MWieland@MBI.Build / (515) 577-7622.